Zion 2014

One things for sure, Zion National Park is one of my favorite places to climb in this country [thus far]! Any true ‘southerner’ has a love for sandstone, the Southeast US is full of it! Unfortunately, these sandstone walls tend to be limited to 200 feet (though some do rise as high as 400 in TN). Zion, on the other hand, seems to have rules of it’s on, with some walls towering 2000 feet above the valley floor. It was a paradise for me! And beyond the massive cliffs, the valley hosts a beautiful river, tons of wildlife including turkeys and deer roaming every day and a stunning lodge midway up the scenic drive. We also had our first sighting of two mountain lion cubs, was so excited!! The environment and ecosystem really parallels with Georgia’s since the summers are so hot and the winter’s never get extremely cold. Substitute the high walls and cottonwood trees for pines, and we felt right at home. A lover of the outdoors could not ask for more especially outside of tourist season. Here are some of our pictures [mostly climbing] of our week spent as locals of the area. Also, look forward to a ‘blog post’ and a re-telling of Casey and my first ‘big wall’ experience together!

JH 12/7/14

Brave explorations. Soulful discoveries.

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