Yosemite 2015c

The clock was ticking. Weather seemed a bit dicey, but in a week’s time we needed to be en route to Portland, to meet our friend’s Justin and Becky for new undertakings in the Cascades. And neither of us wanted our final days to be spent wrestling pebbles in Bishop. A phenomenal getaway, yes… the ultimate training grounds, yes… a monumental achievement [at least for us], not so much. Nevertheless we had an absolutely amazing time, sent two projects on our final day and really shined a light on some weaknesses within our own climbing, specifically explosive power. But Yosemite was calling, it was time to chase the summits on one of the most alluring places on the planet. The following week we strung together a day of: hiking, bouldering around Tuolumne, simul-climbing, aid climbing, chimney groveling and several days of cragging.

Some highlights include:
Cookie Cliff: Beverly’s Tower, Meatgrinder, Red Zinger, Outer Limits, Catchy [Corner], Crack a Go-Go
Reed’s Pinnacle: Reeds Direct, Lunatic Fringe
Royal Arches Route
Tuolumne bouldering: Kauk Problem, the Scoop
Upper Yosemite Falls Trail
Dolt-Tower Run, Nose El Cap

Big shout out to our good friend, Camden. We originally met Camden in Zion last fall, while he was cruising the Touchstone Wall above us, solo. Little did we know, our paths would cross again this spring in Yosemite Valley. Always awesome to see a familiar face on the road. Furthermore, I was psyched to have the opportunity to put down a “50 Classic Climb of NA” and grovel my way up the Steck-Salathe with him on the other end of the rope. Great times making memories on a rad route, hope to see ya soon!

Enjoy our photos and we hope to see everyone back in the Valley come Fall!

Joseph Hobby 5/30/15

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