Sequoia – Kings Canyon 2015

Number 12892 on the list of places [big or small] that we’ve seen on this trip. And I would say 12890 of them have either been something I didn’t know existed, a learned lesson or in this case – a magnificent, unimaginable, unearthly place! Those are the only words, no matter how cliche or dramatic, that describe the Sequoia National Park and the giants that rest there. I have always been attracted to the woods around South Georgia; quiet rivers, secluded thickets of brush and vines and of course, the pine trees. We do have a ton of them. And how easily they’re overlooked. It wasn’t until my late teens that I began to understand a hard days work and started spending a lot more time with these ‘sappy’ trees. Beyond the pines, my forestry job led me to the swamp lands of Coastal Georgia and North Florida, introducing me to another tall tree, the cypress. I can remember it like it was yesterday – seeing the biggest tree I had ever seen (at least up til about 2 weeks ago). A cypress in the lowlands of Brunswick, GA not too far off of a high-power line cut through, on a piece of property my company leased. Three of us [my two bosses and I] stared up at the height and mass of the tree. Grabbing hands, we could not fully reach around the base of the tree. I held onto this experience and trees long after this job and many others. I have a deep, profound respect for nature and all that lies within it. I contribute my relationship with the beauty, wildlife, elements and all other qualities to begin and end with the trees. It was where I made my first connection to the outdoors and a passion that continues to move me. Our visit to the Sequoias can best be illustrated as a ‘spiritual experience’ for me. To witness the largest and oldest living things tower above you is… well it’s just ‘mind-boggling’! A rush of emotions overcame me while in the presence of these gentle giants and I was immediately humbled. What a place!

JH 11/15/14

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