Sandias 2015

The San-what? Never heard of them. We left on Saturday; our plan was to check out New Orleans, work for several days in Dallas and push on towards Yosemite, stopping in Zion and Red Rock Canyon along the way. We were four days into the trip and our work week was cut a few days short, so we saddled up for an early start. Arriving late into Albuquerque Wednesday night, it jogged my memory of a mountain range just north of town. In December, on our way back from ‘The First 4’ there was a heavy snowfall so we avoided our adventurous temptations. But now, with time on our hands, we wouldn’t let the unknown thrills of the mountains allude us again!

We awoke to the frigid wind and set out, up to the Sandia Crest. As I hurriedly gathered gear in the 20 degree temperatures to stay warm, I was quickly reminded of my past four months living at sea level. Huffing and puffing, I squinted to see a sign read ‘Sandia Crest – 10,678 ft’. Uh oh! We were in for a rude awakening today. Nevertheless, Casey and I gasped through the minimal oxygen supply, braved the cold elements of ice and wind, and navigated our way to the summit of the Muralla Grande wall via the route ‘Second Coming’ (4 pitch 5.10var). The next day we explored the bouldering, sightseeing and warm sunshine in the foothills. A proper christening to the start of our new journey!

Joseph Hobby 4/18/15

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