Redwood Forest 2015

Where runoff waters converge
Moist musty and majestic
A shadow cloaks the under-growth
Casting itself with soft dominion

Created by the elements
Earth wind and water
The product of a divine environment
Far away from human destruction

Mountains separate harsh Pacific winds
Valleys from the cities’ grasp
Fields of clover from any remnant path
Fog and haze from the sight’s reach

Deep within the forest
Rising above the rest
Few know the Hyperion tree
And as it remains is the best

Joseph Hobby 8/20/15

Brave Explorations. Soulful Discoveries.

The Hyperion tree was first discovered in 2006. Extending 379 feet into the sky, it claims it’s title as the tallest living organism on the planet. This giant continues [as it always has] to live out it’s life in secret, far in the remote wilderness of the Redwood Forest. No footpath nor labeled sign will lead you to it’s side.

This was our second journey into the land of the tall trees [the first being a trip in Fall 2014 at Sequoia and Kings NP]. Since I have grown close to these supernatural beings. Like a magnet to steel, they stir my curiosity and draw my spiritual senses to new heights. Never have I felt so small nor been so emotionally roused than when I stand at the base of a vast granite mountain, large Redwood tree or woman’s naked body.