Red Rock 2014

Welcome to 2015. The holidays took their toll on us; great food, comfy beds and tons of lounging. I must say I’ve enjoyed the great home-cooking but not at a cost to give up my love for adventure and travel. Yet even with all these simple luxuries returning to our lives, we’re back seeking what we love, Wild-Paths. The first new addition to our ‘Photography’ section of the new year. There’s much more to come and a lot of announcements we’re very excited about – so stay tuned!

Just beyond the bright lights and big city of Las Vegas, NV, lies another gorgeous landscape. Made by nature and residing over the land much longer than the entertaining city, this high country brings the desert to a screeching halt as it rises overhead. Miles and miles of peaks, valleys, washes, hills, boulders and empty creek beds call to the soul for exploration. The mountains decorated with green patches along with red and white streaks of rock. Rock faces extend hundreds of feet into the sky. A beauty for the eye to behold; and an even greater treasure to share from above. Standing on the summit, peering back towards the city far, far away, as hues of pink, purple and yellow light up the horizon beyond. Grand! A grand spectacle indeed.

JH 1/6/15

Brave Explorations. Soulful Discoveries.

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