Joe’s Valley 2014

During our stay in Moab and battle against the elements, I decided to call a close friend of ours, Wes and see if he had any suggestions on activities around Moab on rainy/snowy days. Wes, a seasoned climber and nomad, may as well have a phD in adventure and travel. Little did I know, Wes had his own plans in mind. A close friend of his, David, was flying out to Colorado for the weekend and his first ‘Western’ experience. Wes was stoked to give him the grand tour of CO. Unfortunately with single digit temperatures in Denver and surrounding areas, options were limited. The wheels began turning! You know, I’ve learned, they’re people in this life that are ‘waiters’ and others that are ‘doers’. I hope I continue to strive for this ‘doer’ category way beyond when this trip is over, but I can say for one – Wes is a doer! The guy sees something and goes for it, regardless if it’s a boulder problem or a work project, he gives it all he’s got. So, Joe’s Valley was mentioned, due to my interest in a trip he took earlier the month before. Why not now? Moab’s weather was uncooperative so we may have better luck out in the San Rafael swell. And above all, David could ride out the scenic I-70 through the ski towns and gorgeous snow-capped mountains. A proper eye opening experience of the mile-high state with a taste of the bad lands of Utah. Casey and I booked a hotel in Castle Dale outside of Joe’s and woke up on Saturday morning around 8:30 to the arrival of the ‘wild boys’. They had driven through the night and slept at a rest stop. ‘Men on missions’. To see the ‘West’ and what it had to offer. I think I can relate! An hour nap and they were back at it again. The four of us heading out to Joe’s, crisp-cool weather and sunshine. Sending temps. And as soon as they felt they may last, they were gone, snow began to fall and eventually a complete white-out was upon us. But we fought hard for 2 days, keeping spirits high and enjoying this wonderful playground. Classic after classic: the Angler, Feels like Grit, the Brawny dyno, Worse Case Scenario, Isosceles and Scrawny and Brawny. We shut down the season at Joe’s. And as our cars sat alone at 30-room hotel, we wondered did we shut the season down in Castle Dale too? Casey and I enjoyed it fellas and it was awesome meeting you and hanging out, David!!

JH 11/28/13

Brave explorations. Soulful discoveries.

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