Indian Peaks 2014

Many many thanks to a good friend of ours, and of lately mentor in many ways, Wes Walker, for inviting Casey and I on an ‘out of this world’ adventure in high-alpine bouldering. From the approach to the actual climbing, I couldn’t draw myself away: inspiring sights, peaceful silence and aromatic fir trees flooded my senses. Such an unbelievable beauty in the mountains! Never thought I would be bouldering around 13000ft. Casey established her first ever First Ascent of a boulder she named ‘Wild Paths’. And just before dark I FA’d ‘Lion Tracks’, a highball that I originally did not plan on but caught my eye at the end of the day. Little did we know, the adventure would not stop there. We began to hike out in the dark, crossing the saddle of Arapaho Pass as the world proceeded to stand still. As I relaxed sitting on a sharp rock, I glanced up to see the stars light with fire and shadows of the cirque tower above. The landscape had completely changed and we were in a new place! Our minds wondered ‘would this talus ever end’. Security followed again as we touched back down to the ‘marked trail’ and the relaxing last leg of the hike out. Wes’ mastery and talent in photography and editing has allowed us to share so much beauty from the day with our friends and family – not only that, but hone our own skills as we continue down the road. Follow him on Instagram @smilingweswalker

JH 9/16/14

Brave Explorations. Soulful Discoveries.



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