Coastal Highway 1 2015

Ever since my early childhood, watching the ‘Goonies’ and chasing my own treasures around my neighborhood, I’ve dreamed of seeing a rocky, cliff-lined coast. White sand dunes and flat beaches are all I’ve been exposed to my whole life on the East coast. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the least bit ungrateful for not having to worry about: stepping on jagged rocks, looking out for sharks [most of the time] or wearing a wet suit due to the freezing temps. The East coast’s beaches definitely cater to my comfort, but the West coast’s beaches cater to my eyes. An unbelievable sight. I was flabbergasted that a place like this, existed beyond my childhood imagination. I look forward to returning to bask in this awe-inspiring beauty once again. Until then, enjoy some of our photos from our coastal cruise through northern California and Oregon.

Joseph Hobby 6/27/15

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