Garden of the Gods 2014

Our trip to Garden of the Gods was a pleasant surprise and nothing less than spectacular. Fighting fears of rain and remembering previous ventures myself here of poor rock quality had me just going ‘through the motions’ so that Casey could see a nice tourist destination. Little did I know, this would prove to be one of my new favorite climbing locations as well as one of our best days of climbing. We started the day off with the extremely fun and very classic North ridge climb of Montezuma’s tower; an enormous fin with sheer vertical exposure off each side. Afterwards, Casey stepped up to the plate and decided she wanted to do her first lead climb, a 5.7, she did clean!! As if I wasn’t already stoked enough after such a great day, I onsighted one 10 and two 11’s with some of the finest fluid movement I have experienced on many lines. We couldn’t be more excited about our time spent amongst the red rock fins!

JH 9/26/14

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