Bishop 2015

Bouldering and sport climbing, oh the diversity of climbing, that can send you away from fretful long days and less-committing days, closer to the ground. Storms and rain, my mind became increasingly agitated while my body fidgeted, longing for the next adventure. It was time to make a move. The forecast read snow and precipitation with no end in sight. Decisions were made and we saddled up. Not long after coasting through the twists and turns from Tioga pass. A right on highway 395, alas, the foothills of the Sierras. Next stop, Bishop. During our fall trip (The First 4), we had the luxury of spending a full day in Bishop. Unfortunately, time restraints kept us from staying longer in this town full of farmers and familiar country folk, climbers and skiers, and behind the scenes artist. And yes, there was a major part of me craving the sore fingertips, borderline free solos and razor-sharp holds of the Buttermilks once again. We had plans to visit the Owens River Gorge the year before but after an early snowfall, eastern access was limiting. Our friends Joe and Paul shared their amazing experience with the routes, locals and atmosphere so we were thrilled to be able to immerse ourselves in a Gorge experience this year. All in all we ended up finding enough to preoccupy ourselves until the sunny days reappeared!

Big shout outs to reconnecting with one of my great climbing buddies, Ryan, for the day! Ryan and I served as weekend warrior partners early on, climbing together in the ‘proving grounds’ of the Southeast. Enjoy all that wonderful Yosemite granite, wish I had that as my neighbor. Also our new friends, Sarah and Alex, Alistair, Philipp and Alex… best of luck with your new job in Colorado Alex, stay in touch and we’ll possibly linkup. Safe travels back to the UK Sarah! Amazing time hanging out and bouldering with you Alistair. Huge congrats on your sends of High Plains and the Hulk! I’ll work on the video and have it together soon, hopefully. Phillipp, major congrats on High Plains as well [and the Hulk, I believe we missed out on that]. Also, awesome pictures of you and Alex on Liberty Cap, another fantastic classic in the bag!! Thank ya’ll for all the help with the Nose and hope to cross paths soon! Stay in touch everybody and happy climbing!! Cheers!

Joseph Hobby 5/28/15

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