Wild Animal Sanctuary 2014

Being the animal lovers we are, we’ve been fascinated by all the wildlife we’ve seen in Colorado – elk, deer, a bear (that’s another story!) and 100’s of chipmunks. So, when we came across a magazine ad featuring the Wild Animal Sactuary we were immediately intrigued. First of all this is not a zoo, this is a sanctuary spanning 720 acres outside of Denver in Keenesburg, CO. Each of the 350+ animals, from tigers to African porcupines, have been rescued and will live at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives. A unique feature that makes this park different from a zoo, is the “Mile into the Wild” walkway. This walkway was built to respect the animal’s territory so instead of walking thru their habitats visitors walk above it on elevated walkways/decks so the animals feel no threat from humans. The focus of this sanctuary is on large carnivores so the majority of the animals are larger cats, bears and wolves. As we walked thru the sanctuary we read some of the rescue stories, most of which were about people who tried to keep these wild animals as pets and/or sell their offspring. It is amazing to us the cruelty that humans could show these magnificent animals but are so appreciative for places like The Wild Animal Sanctuary that will give the animals a happy and healthy life. It was such an awesome day to spend listening to the roaring lions and tigers, watching the bears roam around in their habitats and most importantly becoming more educated about the animals and becoming more aware of the problems these animals face.

CS 9/28/14

Learn more about this amazing facility and the animals that call it home! www.wildanimalsanctuary.org

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” –Anatole France

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