The Beast Inside

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As I finally collapsed to solid ground, millions of thoughts toyed with my ego. Ridiculed by doubts: we could’ve made it… stupid choice… you coward… totally unprepared… a wasted day… what kind of sandbag was that… better conditions… reliable protection; and everything would’ve been fine. And on and on and on and on. The bottom […]

Ramble On

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Recently, I discovered [or rather became aware] that I use writing, to process the many moments and emotions of my life. Joy. Anger. Fear. Passion. Grief. Confusion. Success. Are all behind the letters, words and paragraphs you view on these screens. During the 24 hours leading up to our second trip, I doubted my reasoning more […]

The Crow’s Nest

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My fingertips greased off the phone from perspiration. Spastically, I scrolled through texts, forums and information on the internet in an effort to try to discern left from right and discover that last piece of clarity towards the summit. “This…”, I thought, “would guarantee a restful night’s sleep!” Forty miles north of Gallup, NM we rose […]


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As most of you know, we’re back in the Southeast! Our four month journey ended just in time for us to reconnect with family and friends for Christmas and the holidays. Casey and I have been ‘blown away’ by all the positive feedback from the trip and Wild-Paths. We are extremely grateful for you, our […]