I’d like to consider myself a storyteller of sorts, climber, professional goofball and all-around adventurer. Originally from Georgia, I was attracted to the great outdoors at an early age; hunting, fishing and rambling around the woods on my family’s farm. IMG_1923During my early college years, my life was seriously struggling, I was struggling. A combination of bad choices mixed with a lack of direction and serious consequences drove me towards making some life changing decisions. With an open mind, I moved to north Georgia, leaving behind the days of turmoil and apathy for the endless possibilities of a fresh start. Though not immediate, life as I knew it took on a transformation – my habits, outlook, lifestyle and even diet began to shift. I found myself with a fresh beginning.

When I was first introduced to the mountains of north Georgia, the Carolina’s and Tennessee, I knew they would always lure a part of my soul. I began peakbagging and doing long hikes with my yellow lab Belle, meditating on my path and decisions thus far. I gained a better understanding for my own existence and what pushed me. Not long after, I was introduced to rock climbing and instantly hooked. Since, I’ve found myself in places I never imagined. And in pursuit of objectives I’ve only dreamt of. Over the last few years, I’ve climbed in over 20 States and several countries, gaining a thorough knowledge of the many different styles of climbing including traditional, aid, alpine, sport and big wall. I also continue to peakbag and am currently in progress towards summitting all of the US Highpoints. Beyond finding myself in high places, I’m an avid runner and love ski mountaineering. These days, you’ll find me living in Colorado, exploring the Rockies and training for my next aspirations. 

Joseph Hobby




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