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As most of you know, we’re back in the Southeast! Our four month journey ended just in time for us to reconnect with family and friends for Christmas and the holidays. Casey and I have been ‘blown away’ by all the positive feedback from the trip and Wild-Paths. We are extremely grateful for you, our readers and friends, taking the time to reach out and support us. With that said we would like everybody to know Wild-Paths will continue to flourish and shine, at least we hope, and we have many exciting plans for ourselves and the website.

First and foremost, we’re thrilled to announce we’ll be leaving April 1st to re-join our life on the road. We’ve talked about it thoroughly and feel there’s no better time than now, to fulfill the desire to explore and discover more of this country. Our sights will be set on Yosemite and the spring climbing season; afterwards, we will migrate into the northwest including Oregon, Washington and Canada. Capping these goals off with a final push through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. With limited time on our first excursion, we resisted the temptation to explore several other states, to focus what we had in the one’s we could manage. Overall avoiding the old saying of, “being spread to thin”. Casey and I welcome a deeper understanding and clearer direction of the locations, goals and mountains we would like to unearth this year.

So as we progress towards April 1st, we’re taking full advantage of the time we have back home. Ecstatic, to invest some long overdue time with our families as well as complete some of our financial objectives. Casey just completed the first week at her new job, as a HR Assistant at a medical clinic, and thoroughly enjoys the challenge and opportunity for education. I have a few open applications in the works around town so wish me luck! Otherwise, doing what I do best and picking up jobs here and there, from farm work to pressure washing til I’m called up to the ‘big leagues’ with Cas. The Tallahassee Rock Gym as well as a local Valdosta gym have opened up perfect opportunities to pursue power and strength training for the next ‘leg’ of Wild-Paths. Some of which we’re trying to maintain but other parts we’re shooting to gain, especially that which was lost along the way. Believe it or not, being on the road – even for climbing – can take a toll on your power, whereas keep your stamina and endurance high. So, while most of the country is suffering snowy winter conditions, the Southeast is prime for the taking. Weekend trips to Linville Gorge, Tennessee Wall, Looking Glass, Tallulah Gorge and many more are all over our calendars. Not too mention, they make the South seem like we’re still on the road at times. Weekend trips, sleeping in the back of the car, waking up to gorgeous sunsets, keep our spirits yearning for me. We’re incredibly blessed to have the convenience to such exceptional climbing in the area!

“Your true traveler finds boredom rather agreeable than painful. It is the symbol of his liberty – his excessive freedom. He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not merely philosophically, but almost with pleasure.” -Aldous Huxley

With all of this said, one goal stands above all: our beloved Wild-Paths project. We’ve poured our heart and soul into something we believe in, cherish and find resolution with. We share a mutual feeling of success and accomplishment with the website/blog. But there’s always room for improvement. While we’re back, you’ll be seeing some changes – some things disappearing as well as new ideas reappearing. If I’ve learned anything thus far, it’s all about ‘trial and error’, specifically to this website and my life [haha]. We hope to spark more interest, add more content and appeal to you, the reader, through topics that we’re fired up for! I have a long list of blog post ideas, so just because we slacked over the holidays, don’t think we’ve completely forgotten about sharing our ‘wild’ stories with you.

Passions rarely come and go. Most stay. They grow. And that is what we hope for. To strive for what we believe our purpose at the moment is: dream – explore – write – climb – discover and share with you! We look forward to what the future has in store. So stick around, and share in it with us.

JH and CF 1/5/15

Brave Explorations. Soulful Discoveries.

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Many thanks to close friend of mine, Kevin Bishop, for crafting this amazing piece and keeping us reminded of our other ‘heart and soul’ while we’re back home from the road.


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