Mother’s have it the Hardest

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Procrastination, a far wiser opponent than I in this game of motivation. My love for writing and sharing it with friends is only surpassed by my love for play in the outdoors. But here I am, ending a climb early in Clear Creek canyon to do what I am fond of; sitting in silence, meditating on the next passage in Wild-Paths. A landscape of mountains littered with fir trees fills my view. The occasional rock out-cropping appears, tempting me again like the smell of my mom’s home cooking.

Family! That’s right. Family! Focus. Where do I begin… they are my best friends, they’re at my side when it seems like no one can be found. Their love is endless, yet blood pressure and gray hairs are on the rise like the new iPhone stock. I wonder… how can a group of people share such a common bond, love so deeply, yet scream so loudly. Uh oh I may get a phone call or 2 about this one. I first decided to write on this topic a mere hundred miles from home. Now we’ve been exploring Colorado for the past month from the high alpine of Estes Park and the Longs Peak to the red sandstone of Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods. Little did I know, this subject would prove to be the toughest I’ve ever tried to put on paper. A lot has to do with the expectation I place upon myself for the people I love. Either way here it is: My family has been on my heart and in the forefront of my mind for sometime now. Not because of anything urgent but moreover the urge inside of me to thank them, and let them know how grateful I am of their endless support! The more I thought about them – parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends, dogs and even chickens [and if you know my Mom and her backyard ‘fresh eggs’ you know exactly what I’m talking about] – the more it BLEW me away. The unconditional love, the warmth I felt in my heart and the sheer generosity astounded me.

I ran across a quote not too long ago by a lady named Donna Hedges “Having a place to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family. Having both is a blessing.”

I reflected. I may as well be a reincarnated tumble weed these past couple of years, my home has looked and felt so different. So how is that significant to me, I know the people I love and the ones who love me… but home? Georgia, Yosemite, Chattanooga, Colorado, Valdosta, Utah, Blue Ridge? Which one of these places is ‘my place to go’? Finding a home is part of my passion, where my heart speaks and directions me, that calling of purpose. It changes continuously, at least in my life, but when I’ve found it – I KNOW! So home right now is on the open road. Home is the forests, the deserts, those barren lands and high peaks where I continue to discover myself and peace. Home is my Toyota 4Runner, cuddled up in the back. Home is the freedom of pursuit, waking up to decide which path I may take. Nevertheless a question still arises in my head… now, that I’ve found my home, how do I love my significant others so far away. The answer is simple. Through my choices.

When the sun is setting and the summit isn’t in sight, a secluded back road turns into a large mud hole, shower nor bath have been seen or sought out in a week, the option to continue climbing instead of placing that piece of protection or any other situation arises that sets my emotions into a status of high alert; I will, consider my family! Those good looking goofballs, some of which worry about well-being and others that would just love to see my ugly mug come Christmas time. Because in the end, I can still love them by the positive choices I make and that folks, is a BLESSING!

Joseph Hobby 9/13/14

Brave Explorations. Soulful Discoveries.

the Family


Dad, Mom, David, Mama, Papa, Casey, Tommy and Brandi, Caroline, Corbett, Leyton, Vicki and Don, Josh, Zach, John, Charles Jr, Helen, Heather, Brandon, Ginny and Billy, Cara and Rusty, Sam, Aunt Linda and Joe, Sam, Belle, Babe, Phyllis, Myrtle, Buella and all other loved ones!


17 thoughts on “Mother’s have it the Hardest

  1. Beautiful descriptions of your love for your family. I remember wondering those same thoughts many times while trying to “find my new home”. It’s true that home is really where your heart has really felt that uncontainable love from others whether it is family or friends. How cool is that? Joseph, again I think you have the gift of writing and should find a way to share your words with strangers also!! Remember, no mistakes only regrets! I know Nancy and Dad are so proud of you! Ps… Casey is beautiful.

  2. Joseph, You will never know how thrilled I was to read your comments on Mothers. Your Mom is excited. You are an excellent writer, and I hope you will turn your comments into a book one of these days. (Remember, I have a degree in English!)
    Chandler, my youngest son climbed everything he could find during his year and a half in Utah. He loved every minute of it. Must be in that Carroll blood somewhere. However, my grandfather, W. W. Carroll said that he would get in an airplane anytime as long as one foot was on the ground. Enjoy! Love, Dodie

    1. Mrs. Dodie, long time! Was very excited to see your comment!! Thank you so much for the compliments… and even better coming from an English major. Haha love the story about your grandfather too. Love you and hope to see ya soon. JH

  3. Hey, Joseph!
    You have never met me, but I am your mother’s 1st cousin. Your grandfather, Howard, was my mother’s brother. My family always lived in Knoxville, Tenn., and, consequently, it was just due to circumstances that we never were able to spend much time together. Oh, well, what I want you to know and remember is that you are SOOOOO right about family! Above all else on this earth— it is the most important.
    You might be interested to know that I am sitting at your home on Smithbriar Drive right now typing this! I read your blog and realized that you would probably REALLY like your cousins from East Tennessee. We are an outdoorsy group several of whom have musical talent. My daughters who are a bit older than you have a band called “The Naughty Knots”. They play Americana music, and are well known locally. Their group of friends love to camp, canoe, etc. There is always something going on around town, and we would WELCOME you coming to visit!!! There are any number of places to stay so please consider contacting us if you ever find yourself in our area. We would love to meet you and get to know you.
    I have only read your one article called Wild Paths. Your mom has been bragging about your other writings. I will have to read them tomorrow as dinner is ready, but I would love to hear a line from you via e-mail if you find a moment to do so. Wherever life takes you just remember your roots and that you are a very important part of someone’s world. Whoever that someone is ( probably your family) cares deeply about you finding yourself and finding genuine happiness in life, and, though it might be a different path, it is YOUR path. They will always love you no matter what! Stay in touch with all your family as they will be there for you always… no matter what.
    I hope I get to meet you one of these days!
    Your Cuz,
    Buff Cavender

    1. Payne, really appreciate your comment as well as your following on Insta – definitely helps on the motivation side with continued writing and picture posting. Hope FL is treating ya great buddy!!

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